Rancho de Caldera Activities

At Rancho de Caldera you can enjoy activities including hiking, birding, cloud watching, lounging by the pool, swimming, massages, and yoga.  If you'd like to get out and explore Chiriqui, try these Boquete area activities.


At Rancho de Caldera there are many, many types of birds for bird-watching enthusiasts; the type and variety are somewhat different than those seen in the higher elevations of Boquete. Binoculars are a must for serious bird watchers!


A couple of excellent, trained massage and therapists live close by and provide massages for guests in the villas or out on the porches. 

Advance are strongly recommended.

Energy Healing

Come experience this subtle and profound “Ancient Therapy” which is both relaxing and spiritual. Treat yourself to a specially customized energy healing session performed by a highly qualified certified practitioner in the Vibrational Medicine Healing Arts. Sessions focus on the Chakras to release and balance any disturbances in the subtle energy fields, while opening the heart and higher energy centers of your being. This deeply meditative and spiritual experience will leave you feeling calm and stabilized in a great state of harmony and well being! Advance are strongly recommended.

Cloud Watching

"Activities" would not be complete without a few words on "cloud watching". The views change constantly here, especially in the rainy season; clouds move in and out, up and down, fill the skies with rain and/or completely hide the mountains and Rancho de Caldera. At sunrise and sunset, the clouds turn many shades of orange and pink. We highly recommend sitting on the porch and watching the weather - it is a glorious way to spend a few hours or a few days!


Our bungalows face the rising sun. Serenaded by joyous bird song, the Yoga practitioners among our guests can greet the new day with a real sun salutation on their covered terrace! Or if you prefer, bring your mat, take a short walk and use our outdoor Yoga pavillon. We plan to offer Yoga classes, retreats and workshops in the pavillon.




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